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 St. Moritz - The superlative Ski Resort!

St.Moritz is famous way beyond the Swiss boarders and is a superlative ski resort. But what few people know, the terrain park in St. Moritz also belongs to the worldwide best terrain parks. The park is sectioned in three different levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard). And the three different lines are groomed on a daily basis and feature everything a freestyle heart desires. St.Moritz is notorious among freeriders due to its off-piste terrain. Technical riders from all over the world can be found riding the beautiful steeps. And as can be seen in several freeride movies there are quite a few road-gaps which guarantee breathtaking stunts and lots of air-time! Of course a shovel in the backpack comes in handy to build some jumps off the beaten (terrain park) track! St. Moritz is also a perfect destination for finest après ski. However the resort is one of the world-wide most expensive ski resorts thus you need a full wallet if you want to get to know the true promise of excellent Swiss cuisine and St.Moritzian apres ski. If not you will certainly blow your budget! My conclusion: St. Moritz is a wonderful ski resort with sheer endless possibilities but awfully expensive.
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