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 Les 3 Vallees - do boarders really need 600 km of terrain?

Those visiting 3 vallees should decide whether it is really necessary to explore the entire resort with its 600 km of trails or whether it is not better to limit ones stay to the most beautiful area of the mega-resort. A must see and must do in 3 vallees is certainly the terrain park which is located right only steps from the Grand Fondel Gondola. The park was modernized recently and now measures 88.000 m2 and features everything a snowboarding heart could ever desire. Beginners to the freestyle department have a special hit at their disposal which features a spring mounted stunt mat which guarantees a soft landing and minimizes the the risk of injury. But also beyond terrain park boarders, 3 Vallees is a winter paradise!
Infinite are the possibilities to ride groomed as well es ungroomed terrain. Just make sure you have the latest information on the avalanche danger level before you venture into the outback. Only tiny downer in 3 Vallees is the fact that you won't get around also using tow lifts now and then lifts to get up and around the mountains. The size of the resort and the fact that you can a several week stay there without it ever getting boring should however make up for the tow lifts. All in all 3 Vallees is definitely a must see and must ride!
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