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 Laax - snowboard paradise in Switzerland

When thinking of snowboarding in Switzerland snowboarders will inevitably think of Laax.. During glacier season a small terrain park located on 3000 m above sea level makes sure you can stay in shape also during off season. And once the skiing and boarding season begins Laax is a true paradise.
There are three terrain parks located around the "Cap Sogn Gion" Peak on 2228 m which feature every thing a boarder heart could ever desire. A further advantage of the parks is the fact that the different ability levels can practice separately but when it gets to relaxing, partying and lunching they all get together at the Cafe "No Name"". I would call that perfect conditions for all park fans.
But there is lots more offered beyond the boundaries of the terrain parks. Off the groomed slopes there are 40 km of ungroomed but approved terrain. Thus outback is relatively safe in Laax as long as you pay attention to the avalanche warning system. A further advantage of this vast ski resort are the modern lift facilities, thus snowboarders don't need to struggle with annoying tow lifts!

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