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 Gstaad - Mega snow parks, mega freeriding, mega prices!

Gstaad Mountainrides boasts 4 different snow parks:
- White Bull Snowpark in Rinderberg Zweisimmen
- Snowpark Vanillaz Playground in Saanerslochgrad, Saanenmöser
- Monsterpark Glacier 3000 at the Glacier 3000
- HighLand Park in La Braye, Chateau -d'Oex

The Monsterpark at the glacier 3000 is the largest park featuring 4 different lines. A huge jump named "Big Mama" ensures that technical riders get in their air-time! And because the terrain park is among the earliest to open its gates (early October) it is also an early destination for pro-riders.So if you want to catch a glance at some of the best riders of the pro-scene you might get lucky!
But Gstaad has lots to offer also in the free-ski department. Never-ending powder slopes await to be conquered. And if you are looking for the ski-experience of a lifetime Gstaad is your perfect destination. Heliskiing is offered there for all those who want a true skiing or riding adventure. But the Heli is not the only means to get to know the true promise of pristine powdery slopes in Gstaad. There is an abundance of off-piste terrain to be discovered by conventional means also! And if the slopes give in before your legs do Gstaad is pretty good also in the bar and party department! However Gstaad unfortunately keeps up with Zermatt and St-Moritz where prices are concerned. Keep that in mind if you don't want to blow your budget in one single night out in the bars and clubs! Having said this, cheers!