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 Skiing in Garmisch Partenkirchen

Five mountains in all and the only chance to experience glacier skiing in Germany make Garmisch Partenkirchen one of Europe's most varied and interesting winter retreats.
Garmisch Partenkirchen is a busy place when it comes to winter sports, esepcially skiiing. The Kandahar track is the venue for a whole host of world class international events, with the 2011 Alpine Skiiing world Championships being the most recent. Snow lasts from November until May, and there are over 60 kilometres of ski slopes to challenge every ability level.
Five of the downhill runs actually eliminate the problem of weather by having artificial snow, meaning that snow can be found right down to elevations of 700 metres or so above sea level. The region is famous for its high slopes on the sides of the Zugspitze mountain, but these treeless heights are not to everyone's taste. The 'classic' slopes, more tree-lined and with more helpful infrastructure around them, tend to be where most visitors head.
The base of the resort begins at an elevation of 710 metres and rises to 2962 metres; the total elevation is 2252 metres. The summit station of the Alpspitz cable car can be found at 2050 metres. This is a good starting point for skiers, who can gain straightforward access to the Osterfelder and Längenfelder slopes, while the Kreuzeck area can also be reached easily from here. The area is well known and often frequented by tourists of all abilities. The tourists can enjoy the slopes and spend a few days skiing and enjoying the fresh air, the area has many restaurants and holiday homes.
From the heights of the Zugspitze views are available that look across to Austra and Italy, while only half the mountain is in Germany, and there are a number of other inviting ski slopes on the Austrian side of the border. The Zugspitze can be reached from Garmisch in two different ways, either by conventional cable car or the cog railway which operates in the area.
Visitors can see the stadium which was used for the 1936 Winter Olympics, which remains largely intact in its original form and is still in use today. Although it can take time to reach its lofty heights, the resort has a full range of ski schools and guides to help anyone get the best from their visit.